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Cosmetic Dentistry

Unfortunately not everybody has naturally got straight teeth or even teeth but in the past it was only those that had money that could afford to do anything about them, the poor had to live with whatever smile they could make instead of one that was clear and clean. Today though things have changed and although still not everybody can have naturally have straight even teeth, at least now anyone can afford to do something about them and that brings a natural, clean smile to many faces.

Of course, people cannot rectify their own teeth; they need the assistance of a cosmetic dentist, and fortunately for many people, there is one not far from where they live. For instance, in Salem Oregon there is Wellness Springs Dental conveniently located within the town, as there are similar centres in many towns around the country. These centres are available to be used by anyone needing any kind of cosmetic dental treatments and are much more financially accessible than they ever have been in the past, meaning you no longer need to be rich and famous to have your teeth provide a perfect smile.

Many people often wonder what the difference is between a regular dentist and a cosmetic dentist as they both take care of teeth and the answer to their dilemma is that whereas a dentist, looks after the actual health of the teeth and gums, a cosmetic dentist looks after their appearance. Both of course are involved in the wellbeing of your teeth and can provide assistance, both by word and by deed, in ensuring that your teeth and gums stay healthy and provide you with a smile fit for any Hollywood red carpet.

Among the services that a cosmetic dentist can provide you are teeth whitening. Teeth whitening are perhaps the most common service provided by a cosmetic dentist and although many people still ask their regular dentists to do it for them, it does actual fall in the realms of cosmetic dentistry. Some over the counter products claim to be able to perform teeth whitening but these should only be considered for use if you have consulted your dentist or cosmetic dentist first. Teeth bonding are another service offered by a cosmetic dentist and this is a service that can remove the appearance of chipped or broken teeth, even removing gaps between teeth. Reshaping the teeth or dental contouring is a service that can align the teeth to give them a desired look. Another service offered by cosmetic dentists is teeth veneers and this is where they place an enamel shell over the teeth which hides defects or discolours. What is commonly known as a smile lift, which is another service offered, is often a combination of the other treatments, resulting in a smile anyone would be proud to own.

So if you are one of the many people that dread visiting a dentist, perhaps what you need can be provided by a cosmetic dentist instead as visiting them is usually far less fearful.

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Dental Treatments

Although we are probably all familiar with dentists from our annual check-ups, many people do not realize all the different services that a dentist can provide. Obviously we know that they can provide check0ups and even take out teeth, or provide fillings if necessary but, their range of services do not stop there. A full dental facility can provide a wide range of services including Bridges, Crowns, Night Guards, TMJ Treatment and Implants.

Bridges are used to provide a solution to unsightly gaps that may appear in the mouth due to missing teeth. These bridges can be made from a variety of materials including gold, porcelain or alloy. The process requires a mould to first be made and after the bridge has then been made in a lab, the bridge is secured by crowns to the teeth on either side of the gap.

Crowns are used when it is thought that perhaps regular fillings will stop further problems from occurring with a certain tooth. Once again this process requires that a mould first be made to ensure that the crown fits the tooth perfectly.

Night Guards are something that is used to prevent the grinding of teeth at night whilst you sleep. Although the grinding of teeth is an unconscious action, whilst you are awake you can stop it but, whilst asleep it can continue unchecked. The continuous grinding of the teeth can seriously damage the teeth over time and so if a night guard is used, it can protect the teeth from damage. To ensure that the night guard fits the mouth correctly, moulds of the bottom and top teeth are taken and the guard is made from that.

TMJ is a term used for the temporomandibular joint which connects the jaw to the skull and it is trouble with this that can cause a multitude of problems, from pain when opening or closing the mouth, the grinding of teeth, trouble chewing or even popping sounds or pains in the ear. There are several things that can cause disorders with the TMJ and among them is stress.

Implants are something that is fairly new in the history of dentistry and they provide an additional option to either a bridge or a denture. Although a bridge or a denture can do their jobs well enough as far as replacing a tooth, they do not assist the jaw which can become weakened by missing teeth. An implant will not just replace the tooth but will also assist the jaw in staying strong. The only restriction on getting an implant instead of a denture; is if the jaw has already become too weak to accept the implant.

Dentists that can carry out all of these services are not hard to find as they are usually featured on the internet and so if you live in somewhere like Puyallup, to find dentist puyallup wa, just type in Puyallup and dentist. The relevant web site should then list all the services which that particular dental facility can provide.