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Using the Activator Method as a Diagnostic and Treatment Procedure

Spinal adjustment is one of the procedures that set chiropractic care apart from other medical fields. This is most commonly performed through manual application of controlled force. Such technique is called the high velocity low amplitude thrust. However, aside from doing this by hand, a chiropractor also uses other techniques with the assistance of instruments.

The activator method, one of the most commonly used therapeutic intervention next to the diversified technique, is a both a diagnostic and treatment system used to treat many conditions affecting the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. These include back pain, neck pain, chronic headaches and migraine. All over the globe, this method is now used by many chiropractors.

What kind of instrument is used to facilitate the activator method?

With a simple instrument referred to as the activator adjusting instrument, the chiropractor delivers a quick force to the spine. The instrument used is fitted with a spring that allows it to release a series of quick but gentle forces at specific points along the spine. Properly doing this can improve mobility and restore motion to the targeted joint.

How does the activator method work?

Since the instrument can deliver force with such a high speed, it can prevent the muscles from responding in a tense manner or from resisting the manipulation. The speed of the instrument contributes to an effective treatment. Also, the applied force is limited to the target area so no additional torque or bending moment is experienced by the joint.

When treating musculoskeletal pain, one diagnostic technique involves looking at the length of the legs. An obvious difference in the length of the two legs may indicate misalignments of the vertebra in the spine. However, no evidence supports this as of yet so practitioners may or may not use this evaluation technique.

What steps are involved in the activator method?

The activator method involves several steps. The treatment is done while the patient is lying with the face down on a specialized table. The chiropractic techniques begins at the lower back and progresses towards the neck. Each segment in the spinal column is targeted with the instrument.

While doing this, the chiropractor observes the patient for signs that can help identify which areas may be the source of the complaints, and which parts are can be targeted for treatment.

During the adjustment, the chiropractor presses the device against the tissues at or near the affected joint. The initial pressure is followed with a quick thrust from the device. This experience may feel similar to having the reflex of the knee tested. During the procedure, the patient does not have to move or twist into specific positions as is usually done during other spinal manipulation treatments.

After the procedure, the chiropractor must conduct a reevaluation of the signs and symptoms in order to know if the treatment is effective.

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