Spinal adjustment is one of the procedures that set chiropractic care apart from other medical fields. This is most commonly performed through manual application of controlled force. Such technique is called the high velocity low amplitude thrust. However, aside from doing this by hand, a chiropractor also uses other techniques with the assistance of instruments.

The activator method, one of the most commonly used therapeutic intervention next to the diversified technique, is a both a diagnostic and treatment system used to treat many conditions affecting the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. These include back pain, neck pain, chronic headaches and migraine. All over the globe, this method is now used by many chiropractors.

What kind of instrument is used to facilitate the activator method?

With a simple instrument referred to as the activator adjusting instrument, the chiropractor delivers a quick force to the spine. The instrument used is fitted with a spring that allows it to release a series of quick but gentle forces at specific points along the spine. Properly doing this can improve mobility and restore motion to the targeted joint.

How does the activator method work?

Since the instrument can deliver force with such a high speed, it can prevent the muscles from responding in a tense manner or from resisting the manipulation. The speed of the instrument contributes to an effective treatment. Also, the applied force is limited to the target area so no additional torque or bending moment is experienced by the joint.

When treating musculoskeletal pain, one diagnostic technique involves looking at the length of the legs. An obvious difference in the length of the two legs may indicate misalignments of the vertebra in the spine. However, no evidence supports this as of yet so practitioners may or may not use this evaluation technique.

What steps are involved in the activator method?

The activator method involves several steps. The treatment is done while the patient is lying with the face down on a specialized table. The chiropractic techniques begins at the lower back and progresses towards the neck. Each segment in the spinal column is targeted with the instrument.

While doing this, the chiropractor observes the patient for signs that can help identify which areas may be the source of the complaints, and which parts are can be targeted for treatment.

During the adjustment, the chiropractor presses the device against the tissues at or near the affected joint. The initial pressure is followed with a quick thrust from the device. This experience may feel similar to having the reflex of the knee tested. During the procedure, the patient does not have to move or twist into specific positions as is usually done during other spinal manipulation treatments.

After the procedure, the chiropractor must conduct a reevaluation of the signs and symptoms in order to know if the treatment is effective.

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Focusing on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, as well as the effects of such disorders on general health, chiropractic has become one of the primary methods of treatment for pain in the joints of the limbs, back pain, neck pain and even headaches. Chiropractic care, however, is used to treat not only these types of pains but also a wide array of other neurological and musculoskeletal complaints.

Chiropractic Procedures and Treatments

Professionals who practice chiropractic are referred to as chiropractors and chiropractic physicians. Rather than prescribing pills and other drugs, these doctors of chiropractic use a hands-on approach to health care. This kind of method starts with the physical examination of the patient. Once the examination has been conducted, diagnosis can be established. Physicians assess whether chiropractic is apt for the disorder. Chiropractic care may serve as the primary treatment for a condition. However, it may also complement or support other medical treatments.

Chiropractic physicians can proceed to recommend treatment. They are trained to give advice on the appropriate therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises. All of the procedures in chiropractic care are completely non-invasive. Also, chiropractic physicians are capable of providing counsel on proper nutrition, diet and even lifestyle.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation, which is also sometimes called chiropractic adjustment, is one of the most common therapeutic methods used by chiropractors. Joints may become hypomobile or restricted in their movement as a result of some kind of tissue injury. Such injuries may be caused by both single traumatic events such as improper and sudden lifting of heavy objects, and repetitive stresses such as staying in an awkward position with poor spinal posture for a long amount of time. To avoid tissue injuries, it is important to avoid these types of stresses as the resulting physical and chemical changes can cause painful inflammation. In some cases, the pain can result into diminished functions.

Aiming to improve joint mobility, the spinal manipulation procedure involves the manual application of a controlled force into the joints that have become hypomobile. By adjusting the affected joints and injured tissues, it is possible to restore mobility. Muscle tightness, inflammation and pain can be alleviated, and the tissues can be healed over time.

The spinal manipulation procedure rarely causes any intense discomfort. If a patient experience mild soreness or slight aching after the treatment, similar to the soreness felt after other forms of exercise, it usually resolves after 12 to 48 hours.

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Are you having muscle, joint, or bone problems that you want to be checked? Do you want to get treatment but don’t want to undergo anything that’s invasive? Now, you have the opportunity of getting the type of cure that you want because chiropractic exists. Today, you can contact one of your local chiropractors to help you out get your condition diagnosed and treated immediately. You do not have to undergo surgery just because you have an internal problem. In fact, you do not even necessarily have to take in oral medications. That’s because chiropractic techniques do not generally involve medicine intake and surgical operations. What it does make use of are manual therapy and some simple treatment methods that are also used in conventional medicine. In fact, chiropractic is something that is sometimes used in conjunction with general medicine. With this, you can save money because you would be able to spare yourself of having to deal with things like infection and spending money on pills or intravenous fluids. This is something that can be considered to be cost effective because all you have to do is to undergo treatment wherein you would be able to go home after a session. With this, you won’t be forced to stay inside of a medical facility and spend on medications that you’re not comfortable with. For more information about it, you can search for a Chiropractor henderson clinic online.

What exactly are the problems that chiropractic can help you with, you ask? Because this involves spinal or other type of manipulation techniques, the main things that this technique can help people with are headache, back pain, and extremity conditions. In chiropractic method, it is believed that a disease may be just a result of misalignment of bones, muscles, and joints. What chiropractors do is that they first take a patient’s vital signs, ask about patient history and such, diagnose a patient and then explains the possible treatment methods that can be used to deal with the problem, applies the said procedures once the patient has agreed to them, and then lets the patient go home with some useful health tips for problem prevention. Although some chiropractic procedures require patients to come back for follow-up, some people say that it’s a disease management that is practical because it’s generally cheaper than going to a hospital.

Although conventional medicine has managed to treat lots of people, you have to take not that it’s something that may give you adverse reactions or consequences. That’s why people go for alternative therapy. Surgery, to be specific, involves incisions and the use of antibiotics which may put a person in serious risk. People go for chiropractic not only because it’s cheap but because it can let patients go home every after treatment and it only involves diet planning, lifestyle modification, manual therapy, and doing exercises.

You can trust chiropractors because they are licensed and because they have undergone extensive training when it comes to performing procedures. They have also managed to become as they are because they went to school for formal training.

Nowadays, chiropractors are slowly garnering the much needed attention they deserve. Although they were first seen as quack doctors who only crack the backs of their patients and nothing else, people’s view regarding them are slowly changing. And why not? Chiropractors also attended universities, studied hard, took examinations, and done internship to qualify as medical practitioners.

 Some would even spend most of their free time studying X-rays comprehensively in order to give a guaranteed and most suitable therapy treatment to their patients. Because it involves the neuro-musculoskeletal system, a chiropractic practitioner shouldn’t hasten drawing conclusion and/or diagnosis because it could lead to a wrong and fatal outcome.

 As new patients swarm the Web in search for a qualified chiropractic practitioner to give the best service they look for, there are essential qualities they look for. When selecting the best chiropractor Greenville or in other areas, some wouldn’t just rely on one who has a good reputation. They tend to look for some other qualities like what we’ll discuss here.

 Qualities A Chiropractor Must Possess

 Listens well. As patients, there would be moments when we just feel extreme pain and no one understands what we feel. And even if we try explaining it to others, some would just say that it’s nothing and it would go away in a few minutes. A good chiropractor is one who listens well. Without interrupting, the practitioner will do his best in understanding what and where the problem comes from in order to give the correct treatment. Listening well will lead to knowing anything and everything about the patient and his pain, and eventually drawing the correct diagnosis.

 Translate medical terms well. Because we didn’t study medicine and the nervous system, it is understandable that we’ll find it hard to comprehend some terms given by the chiropractors. The best chiropractor Greenville should be capable of translating medical terms well so his patient could understand. This will result to a smooth transaction between medical practitioner and patient.

 Able to make a comfortable environment for patients. There are some people who fears coming to the hospital because of the ambiance and because of the image they thought of doctors. To cure this and get more patients, a good chiropractor does his best to make the environment as comfortable as they can for the patient. The patient ought to feel like they’re still at home and relaxing even though they’re really in the chiropractor’s office and narrating the pain they feel.

 Talks in a pleasant tone. Talking in a pleasant tone will help the patient feel at ease with you. As a good chiropractor, you ought to make them feel like it’s alright to talk about their pain and that you’re there to help them out. Talking aggressively and pushing the treatment you recommend in a harsh tone will only make things worse.

 Has a good reputation. When looking for the best chiropractor Greenville or let’s say in other areas, we do list a practitioner with good reputation as one of the factors. It helps garner points for the chiropractic practitioner when they maintain a good reputation by providing quality service and comfortable environment for the patients.

 If you want to get the best, you should look for the best and can understand you the best. These listed qualities will help you find the right chiropractor.

Advertisements are everywhere, that’s for sure.

It’s a marketing strategy most business owners have to have to make sure that their products are heard of in the market and for people to be aware of it. Our days as consumers won’t go by without us hearing radio ads every 5 minutes while waiting for our favorite tune or news to play, seeing television commercials while watching our favorite T.V. shows, and even adverts on the Web while browsing.

Well, who are we to judge these business owners? They just want to be more popular, gain loyal customers, and increase profit, and that is why various marketing strategies are developed to fulfill those purposes. Advertising, marketing, or whatever you want to call it, it’s all part of the business process. Small and big time company owners devise ways to market themselves and their products as they compete with other businesses for the public’s attention and money.

Even chiropractors would have to find ways to engage possible customers through various chiropractic marketing plans they’ve develop. Though for us as consumers, everything and anything is the same because they’re all businesses, advertising for chiropractic can be a little different from marketing apparels, gadgets, cuisine, and more.

Now let’s talk more about chiropractic and how marketing it effectively can help increase the number of your potential customers, save you time and money, and gain profit.


Defined as an alternative medicine, it is a lot different from traditional medicine because it involves diagnosis, finding the root cause and treating it, then preventing medical problems to occur in the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Simply speaking, it’s a type of manual therapy focusing on the spine, joints, and nerves.

Chiropractic Marketing through Highlighting the Benefits

As a business owner, it’s not just important to give your business card to them. It is equally important to gain the trust of your customers aside from increasing money profit. If you’re able to market yourself as a figure they could trust, it would lead them to being loyal to you and your business. As an owner earning honestly by providing chiropractic services, you ought to entice them not by giving them features of your company but the benefits they could get like:

-        It improves posture and health as well as increase in energy levels

-        Patients receive pain relief, will feel better, and enjoys a happier life without pain

-        Patients will feel more productive at work and at home

-        It will lessen the dependency on painkillers

Market the fact that you’ll help in finding the root cause of their medical problem through therapy so they can live life without being attacked by pain on their spine or joints again.

Chiropractic Marketing through Establishing Online Presence

It’s a whole new world we have right now. Though we still consider word-of-mouth and classic marketing strategies as effective in luring the customer’s attention, there are newer marketing techniques you should apply. If you want to be “IT” then you have to be “IT.” Your online presence is very much needed if you want more people to know about your services. It’s a chiropractic marketing tip you shouldn’t miss in today’s world. Start a blog website, write contents about anything and everything there is about chiropractic, your office, and what you can offer as a chiropractor.

Contents, Images, and Videos

Also, do not forget to make use of the social media like Twitter and Facebook. It’s not just teenagers who use it but adults as well who may be in need of your service. Promote by writing content, posting engaging images, and make educational videos for the online users to view. Just make sure that you name your fan page correctly in Facebook or other social media sites like your name and where you do your practice or office is so people won’t have trouble finding it in the results page.

The videos you upload will help you maintain your online presence because people gear towards watching videos more. It will help them search you in Google and other search engines, and could even land you in the first page on search results.

If you want your chiropractic marketing strategies to succeed, do not just focus on traditional advertising but also make use of all available resources to promote your practice. Good luck on implementing your marketing strategies!

If you’re going to exercise, you might as well exercise properly. Likewise, it is better if you exercise with the use of some helpful health devices. When you’re doing it wrong, you won’t get to achieve the best results for yourself. If you’re targeting a specific body weight, for example, you won’t be able to burn enough calories and fats when you don’t have something that you can use to boost your metabolism and make use of your stored energy and when you don’t have something to monitor your progress. If you’re serious about becoming healthy, you have to do exercises correctly, use machines to help you out and consider reading stuff that are related to getting more from simple exercises.

Exercising isn’t enough to lose weight. You won’t experience weight lose when you’re performing extensive and even difficult exercises and eating lots of food. One of the things that you should consider when exercising is following a prescribed diet plan. When you follow a healthy diet that’s recommended for your physique and something that can let you meet your goals, it would be easy for you to get what you want without abusing yourself. Plus, of course, when you eat the right kinds and the right amount of food, you also get the benefit of not injuring yourself too much and getting energy for yourself for your recovery. You can buy a book or a magazine that contains workout and diet recommendations for your own benefit.
Performing the right exercises can also help you reach your goal easily. If you’re someone who needs to lose weight, of course, it is important that you do moves that can target the portions of your body where your fats are deposited. You could do sit-ups, weight lifting and even cardiovascular exercises like running to eliminate the fats that are on your tummy, thighs and arms. When you do proper exercise moves, you also get the benefit of being able to target specific muscle groups. You can actually tone your body, lose weight and improve your overall health all at the same time when you’re doing moves exercise moves that are right for you.
To get the most out of every workout session, it is best if you make use of free weights or machines. Why? Scientists say that you can lose weight faster when your target is to build muscles. Lifting heavy weights can stimulate your muscles and burn your fats at the same time. For your convenience, you could also try using machines that can make you accomplish exercise routines efficiently and effectively. There are machines that can help in performing exercises and those that can be used to monitor your development. If you buy at least one of each type of machines, you would be able to have investments for yourself. For example, buying a bench press can help you improve the muscles of your chest. Buying the best heart rate monitor can help you monitor your progress and keep you safe from stressing yourself too much.